Journey Into Space

Waking up, you can see the lights on the ceiling quivering slightly as the fan spins slowly. The ambient atmosphere of the berth screams for attention, calling out for you to notice its intentional aimlessness. Sunbeams of deep yellow glow and filter though the atmosphere, impacting me and the space around me, and I know that I am blessed. I couldn’t sleep much, but I must have nodded off by the end of the night. Just enough to wake up again.

It’s the most important day in human history, unknown to anyone but us. The day has come we’ve been training for seven and a half years. Launch day.

Still, the excitement is almost overwhelmed by nervousness. What if something goes wrong? What if communications go down or we end up burning out in the atmosphere. You never know what could go wrong; the tiniest of explosions in a critical system could spell disaster. You know, they say there’s only a 50% chance of coming home from this mission. What if we don’t survive?

After a light breakfast – I’m too edgy to eat much more than a few mouthfuls – I communicate with mission control to make sure everything is still on. I know I’ve got a very responsible crew helping launch this ship into space, but I can’t help but double check behind everyone. Call it paranoia. Call me a control freak. You know you’d do the same. I just wish I could see my co-pilot, but she’s probably hard at work as well. I’m sure she’ll be here soon enough.

At the prompting of the staff, I put on my spacesuit, making sure everything fits just right. Just this once, all eyes will be focused on us, so I better not disappoint.

Well, time inevitably marches on, seeming to both meander and hasten simultaneously, until it’s finally zero hour. I see her walking towards me, and she gives me a nervous smile. I’m too nervous to manage anything more than a goofy grin, and stare at her as if she can rescue me. But this is it. The countdown has begun.

Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. Five. Four. Three. Two. One.

She says “I do,” and I reply the same. Liftoff. Like a rocket launching us into space we soar, ready to explore the most distant star, worlds apart and light years away. We have begun our journey. Our journey into space.



About the photo: “On My Toes” There really is no other option besides a cute picture like this for this post. This is not Sara and me, and it never will be, because she’s given up on trying to get on my level. The perils of a relationship separated by a foot and a half.


Well, it kind of fits today’s Daily Post prompt! Okay, maybe not.


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Matthew // Normal Happenings

Matthew Estes. STL-based Blogger. Graphic Designer. Happily Married. One day I'll actually complete a book I'm happy with. I love pizza, video games, and using way too many ellipses...

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