Echelon Dusk

As the squirrel jumps over the brick path, trying to find its way back to its nest, the signal of eventide is forming. The roosting birds and the cacophony of crickets signal the inevitable darkness that’s soon to fall. Artificial lights, designed to counteract the consistent beaming of the sun, activate one-by-one until they form an orange residue in the sky, far to the northeast. Tiny pricks of light, seemingly at random, appear in the atmosphere to form a window into this vast universe.

I wonder if they feel the fear that we do when we lie down to sleep?

Another day; another miracle, each rotation of the Earth is a cycle of life. Completing another day grants one passage into the next, but for now, dusk is upon us. It’s somber celebration. It’s subdued applause. It’s a collision of beauty and darkness, wrapped together in echelons of clouds and sun. During the day, the blue sky and the clouds wrap around the planet like a blanket, giving every one of us the illusion that our lives aren’t tiny in comparison to the vastness of creation. But at dusk it all gets stripped away.

Maybe we are just big enough to fight how small we actually are.

But when the stars come out, when dusk falls, everything changes. We can no longer trap within us the thoughts that frighten us. The monsters that haunt us come out under the cover of darkness, and so we run and hide. To our houses, to our families, to our beds, to our dreams. But sometimes, despite the endless precautions we take, we cannot completely run away from those monsters. Sometimes they’re ghosts, sometimes they’re noises, often they’re just intense feelings of dread that you won’t survive the night. These nightmares, though, don’t have to be horrific. When we confront our fears, we have control of them. We often find that the things that cripple us are often brought on by ourselves.

It’s time to get out there and look at the stars.

We are called to face our fears. The vastness is not a sign of our insignificance but instead a realization that there is more to life than this. It’s all a mystery, but to me it signals the presence of divinity. He comes to constantly create us, save us, and protect us from the constant sheer of life. Our life, every one of us, is no accident. We are beings with hearts set in eternity, unenlightened but not immune to the plans of the savior. He is the antidote to any and all things our human nature is afraid of. In him, we can be fearless every dusk, survive every night, and rejoice every dawn.


About the photo: “We Are The Light” The farm is a most beautiful place to stargaze. It’s an hour away from the nearest city, and so with no light pollution the stars are so big and bright. It scares me sometimes, so I have to brace myself whenever I go outside at night. Still, I wouldn’t trade the experiences for anything.

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 4.15.06 PM

Responding to today’s Daily Post Prompt: Planes, trains, and cars? Meh, I still prefer traveling by rocket… Just kidding, I’ve never been in a rocket. I’ve only been inside a replica rocket at the Huntsville Space and Rocket Center.




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