The Abandoned Horizon

The lost art. The forgotten dream. Waking up to remember the best dream you’ve ever had, only for the fragments to scatter the second your attention begins to wander. You want to put the pieces back together, but everything your sane mind constructs pales in comparison to your sleeping mind can conjure. Thus, another dream is lost; another idea squandered. The busyness of life has taken another victim.

Day in. Day out. The sun in your eyes is not as bright as the screen constantly informing you of why you can never detach from superficial duties of this life. We have no idea we even have the capability to daydream. To disconnect, turn everything off, and explore the new horizon of our own consciousness.

The above image is not realistic. Even if you could capture the rare sight of someone lying in the grass, looking up at the sky and wondering what is really out there, contemplating their life and their own purpose, and taking time to pray, it’s still not realistic. She should actually have her phone right there beside her head. The closest we come to meditative unwinding is taking contemplation selfies at the coffee shop and tanning selfies at the beach.

Gone are the days of retrospective soul-searching. We’ve put an end to self-contemplation, and we’ve replaced it with a new word: boredom. Boredom is a disease to be eradicated, and we’ve eliminated that as effectively as we’ve eliminated polio. Small, electronic vaccines are handed out to 98% of the population, and social media and, yes, even my beloved video games can help treat the minor symptoms should they ever come up.

Confidence turns to external acceptance.
Sincere belief turns to gut instinct.
Good deeds turn to viral criticism.
Love turns to likes.

Life in the age of distractions.

Heaven forbid we spend our time learning to dream again. We have the technology to look up at the stars, at the moon, at the clouds, at the sun, and wonder. Wonder what makes it all work, unassisted, without the help of transistors and chips. We have the ability to be frontiersmen of a universe not governed by people but instead by the laws of nature; the laws of God. But it’s like we run from this, so scared of understanding “why” that we form a shield of things around us and only poke at things close enough to touch.

Three things to take away from this.

First, be yourself. I don’t know what you are but I do know you’re not a collection of social avatars. You are a unique and special, and you are worth finding that out for yourself.

Second, get out of your comfort zone. I promise you are strong enough to make it though what’s thrown at you.

Third, don’t forget to dream. Take moments to contemplate your own life. To see what’s out there and explore the abandoned horizon. Relish the opportunities you forsake everyday to lie back, think, and understand. Understand that you are brilliant.

About the photo: “Searching” A rare sight indeed, someone lying in the grass, looking up at the sky, searching the clouds, and coming down with inspiration. You look in her eyes, wondering what she sees, before realizing… it’s actually just a guy with a camera in her face.

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 4.14.38 PM

…and all was well with the world… oh wait that was yesterday’s Daily Post daily prompt. I messed up and didn’t write a post yesterday. I’m sorry about that.





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