The Wilds

From the safety of the sidewalk to the wilds we go. When we restrain our lives to but one mere corner of it, consumed with glowing screens and concrete, we do ourselves a disservice. It’s fake productivity, and although it’s probably the most cushy lifestyle in history, does it really provide a deep sense of happiness? Are you really happy working at a computer all day just to go home and binge watch Netflix all night, with breaks of phone-scrolling smattered in between?

It’s okay if you’re not.

The world may be getting warmer by the year, but I would argue that it’s never been more cold than at this moment in time. It’s dark and cold, with a Narnian-style winter making itself abundantly known. More people are depressed than ever. More people are unhappy than ever. More people are the archetype of a man, surrendering themselves to their work and their societal roles instead of being who they are meant to be. Fake contentment, in all of its forms, is still discontentment. And that discontentment destroys relationships and hurts other people’s potential, releasing a viral toxin that affects everyone.

So many people are methodically killing themselves. Instead of living bright, we are instead dying slowly.

Never forget that wrapped in the cybernetic mess that we’ve become is a soul. An authentic, actual, for real soul that can’t be taken away. Simply put, you are alive, and your life is unique and special. You’re not stationary, you’re free to impact the world, grow to your full potential, and be who you want to be. Being an adventurous soul in 2015 is not easy. A world smaller than ever, and it lacks a certain frontiersmanship and sense of exploration it once did. But it’s still out there, and you’re free to impact it however you want.

About the photo: good news. We found where the sidewalk ends. It’s an illustration of abandoning the safe and venturing into the unknown.

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 4.14.38 PM

I couldn’t think of anything funny, retrospectively or otherwise, to fit today’s Daily Post daily prompt.




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