The Ageless

For as long as literature has existed, people have dreamed of living forever. Book after book after film after legend has been built off the premise of living forever. It is, literally, the holy grail of human desire. While we have accepted death as part of life, or rather, the ceasing of life, it is certainly not something desirable. Even the most devout believer in the afterlife and Heaven, such as myself, will doubt often if the faith they have is misplaced. If when you die, you simply die.

That makes it all the more attractive for something like this to exist in the cultural cloud of ideas.

Let’s say, for instance, that by impossible circumstances you could just not die. Let’s say we came by the ability by technology or miracle, or even by finding that san graal so wildly prophesied in myth.

Would you use it? If so, when? Let’s say you had to use it. What age would you drink the elixir? What age would you choose to live forever?

This is a difficult question for even me to answer, because I already believe in eternal life. I think death, spawned by existence of sin in the world, is just a way to keep us in this life to serve our purpose. I think when I die I’ll go to a place where I will always be 28…

28. There’s your answer. The slimmest of all margins where you’re old enough to be respected but still in your prime. Before you metabolism slows down and your sluggishness speeds up. The age where you can climb mountains, make important business decisions, and remember the names of everyone in the room. You’re old enough to be humble, but young enough to be adventurous. If I could live forever, I’d be 28.

But the thing is, I don’t know if I’d want to use it…
Would it be a sin?

If society comes to the point where they can practically stop the aging process, would it be okay to use it? What’s more, don’t we already kind of do that in a limited capacity with modern medicine? Does it have to be the potential to live forever before it becomes wrong.

So here are some questions to try to answer in the comments.
1. What age would you choose to live forever if you had to?
2. Will people ever be able to halt the aging process?
3. Is it morally or spiritually wrong to fight the aging process?
4. If so, when does it become wrong?

about the author

I do like how this picture turned out. It looks kind of like a portal to Heaven, with God’s light drowning out the surrounding darkness of the world. As always don’t steal. If you want to use it, give me photo credit with a link to the blog. That’s all I ask.

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