Back from the Dead

As humans we have the power to give birth; to consciously initiate the biological process that brings a new life into the world. I’m not sure why, but I find this to be a pretty amazing thing. Life is so complex and special. If you think about it, you are made up of billions of “alive” things that come together to create the “you” that you know and love. Consciousness formed by amalgamation, and people have the will to start the process.

But I want you to imagine for a moment that you have a different power. Imagine you have the power to bring one person back from the dead. You can bring just one person back to life, without regard to how long they’ve been dead.

The rules would be simple.
1. Everyone has the biological power to bring anyone else back to life.
2. An individual can only bring one person back to life over the course of their lifetime.
3. An individual cannot revive themself.
4. A revived individual can live the course of another entire lifetime.
5. A revived individual does not have the power to revive another.
6. You can’t be revived more than once.

Who would you bring back? Why? Would it be a famous historical figure? Would it be a dead celebrity?

Let’s say it happened by crying over a symbol of that individual because, you know, Disney and stuff.

Would it be a beloved family member? I’ll bet that would be the answer for many of you. The tragedy of losing a parent, grandparent, or sibling cannot be overstated, and many people would jump at the chance to bring him or her back this very instant.

Here’s the big question. Would people be responsible enough to use this new-found miraculous ability? There’s got to be a reason we were only given the ability to give birth, not raise the dead or anything else equally supernatural.

Perhaps it would all work out great! Lines and lines of people would line up to donate their extra life to “life-saving” banks. There it would exist for people who have died tragically and before their time. We would all appreciate the person who saved our life, and would become best friends with him or her.

However, knowing human nature, I could see this going downhill really fast. A black market, of sorts, would develop. Instead of reviving beloved individuals, people would “sell” there one extra life to someone for literally millions of dollars… as much money as could be extorted out of a person experiencing a horrible tragedy. It really could get ugly, as I bet crimes would go up because of this. Not to mention, the population of Earth would essentially double as more and more people get brought back to life. That would cause more need for food and more environmental catastrophe. And here’s another thing to worry about. What if there was some kind of social force that encouraged children to use their earlier than they’d like? But who knows, maybe organized government could step in and stop most of this from happening.

While this is impossible, it is still a neat thought experiment. Right now, I would probably gamble on saving mine until I lost somebody I simply could not live without. What about you? If you had the ability to bring anyone back to life, who would you choose? Talk about it in the comments.

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