Seven Things We Learn as Kids that We Need to Remember as Adults


Guest post by Megan Price from A Geeky Gal. You can check out my guest post on her site as well. Enjoy!

Hi there all of you readers! I’m Meg from A Geeky Gal and this here is my guest blog post for the awesome blog Normal Happenings. Hope you enjoy my guest post on seven things we learn as kids!

There are things instilled in us as kids from our parents and lessons that we are taught in school that shape us as people, but then there’s things no one told us to do, that was just part of who we were. Maybe we just knew some of these things, or maybe a little nudging gave us the power to give birth to unbelievable imaginations so we could think how we wanted to and in turn these ideas and actions came into being. We forget a lot of these useful things as we grow up, go to school, go to work, and have families of our own. We can’t forget what things are like as a kid, and we shouldn’t give up everything we learn from that time in our lives when we grow into adults.

Dream Big

“You can be anything you want to be.” I heard this numerous times growing up, and it always prompted me to think of the “best me” I could be. What would the “best me” do? I could be anything and do anything that I wanted to do. Nothing was ever impossible, too big, or too small. One day, I could be an astronaut and the next, a doctor. I could be an actor, an artist, or a singer. I could be whatever I dreamed to be… Now that we’re all grown up, have we forgotten this? Are we settling into the groove of whatever comes our way? We can still be anything, do anything we want when we set our sight, mind, and heart on that path. We can still be as big as our dreams.

Think Positive

As an adult, I constantly think about all the things that could go wrong. Kids don’t think that way. They’re happy going along for the ride. After the rain, they’re looking for the rainbow. After getting a cast on their arm, they’re ready for all their friends to sign their names to it. They know every day may not be good, but there is certainly something good in every day.

Life’s Pains Can be Cured by a Hug and a Kiss

…and not toys and treats. Mom’s hugs and kisses are magical if you ask me, but the real point of this is that material things will not fill any voids we find from pain, whether they be emotional or physical. Instead we can cure these pains with those we love and those who love us.

One Friend is Worth More Than a Room Full of Toys

 Or this can translate to for adults as “four quarters is better than 100 pennies.” I’m sure there’s a trillion other ways to say this (feel free to comment with some of your favorites), but the message is the same. As children, we like to make friends, and sometimes making friends is hard when others see you as different. All it takes is one friend to make it all okay. One really great friend. Thank God for my handful of faithful, amazing friends. See, we don’t need to be friends with everyone, just to be friends with the right ones.

Let Out Your Emotions

I’m sure your parents enjoy telling stories of some of your most epic tantrums that lasted 4 hours. Children have no problem telling you how it is. They don’t feel the need to censor their emotions. There is no way that you could mistake how they really feel about something. When we grow older, we start to hide how we feel, or, worse, change how we feel to fit in better or avoid confrontation. Be true to yourself and speak up.

Show Your Love

Kids are the first to reach out for a hug. They’re usually extremely affectionate and love to be held. We end up shying away from this contact as we grow older. There’s nothing wrong with hugging your best friend or kissing your mom on the cheek. The best way to say you love someone is to show him or her.

Every Day is a Fresh Start

Everyone’s kindergarten experience is different, but in my class we had apples. These apples would change colors depending on our behavior in class. The next day, they would be back to the good color. You start every day with a clean slate. That’s how I viewed every day as a kid. Just because I had a bad day yesterday, doesn’t mean today can’t be good. Now that I’m an adult, I find myself looking back at the bad days instead of focusing more on today. We can change any day into a good day by remembering it’s a fresh start to start over.

So let’s go back to being a kid. Dream our biggest dreams and chase them, because there may not always be a tomorrow. Think positive, because there is always something good in every day we have. Life’s pains can be cured with a hug and kiss, so let’s seek solace in our family and friends rather than material possessions. One great friend is worth than a hundred fake friend, so don’t count them, cherish them. Let out your emotions, because life is too short to not let your voice and feelings be heard. Show your love, because everyone needs it, even you. Every day is a fresh start, so stop dwelling on yesterday and make today count!


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